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Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere but I searched for "download calendar event" and did not see anything similar.

I just noticed that when I download a Calendar event that has a link in its Description section like:

TOPIC: She will discuss....
Meeting Link:

when it gets added to my calendar, it strips out some of the link and it looks like this in my calendar's entry:
*Meeting Link * https //

In addition to dropping the ":" after "https", it splits the URL up so that the "pwd=bz...." part of it no longer is part of the hyperlink.
Then it repeats the whole thing again in parentheses:
 ( https //

But interestingly, in the repeated info after the parentheses, the whole URL is hyperlinked -- granted without the ":" after the "https"

I'm using a MacBook Pro with Catalina and this is an .ics file that is downloaded into Apple Calendar using the default CalendarFileHandler:

The same thing happens if I save the .ics file locally then click on it to add it to my calendar.




On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 04:12 PM, TVAUG Forums Admin wrote:
I'd guess that it's related to the 'fix' that was done for Google Calendar ICS files,  You may want to tag onto that topic with this additional information.

The official user documentation is in the Help Center.
GMF's Unofficial Help Wiki:

Chuck Palmer

Thanks, Duane.  I just joined the Beta Group and posted the info in the thread you mentioned above along with some text from the .ics file. 
I also added the fact that if I subscribe to the whole calendar,  all events that have URL's embedded in their Description fields have the same issues.

Chuck Palmer

@Duane -- do you think I should have created a new topic in the beta forum rather than tagging on to that other one about ics files?  I just noticed it has a hashtag of "#fixed".