Emails from not being received again

Fred P Jones

I am owner of a large group.  I can go to website to approve emails.  But I am not being notified that I have emails to approve.  Also when I do approve emails, they are appearing on website but a am not receiving them in my email account.  (My email settings is set to single.)

Are other groups having same issue?

P.S. I do have a comcast email address which was calling a similar issue earlier but I changed my settings to receive rejected messages in Junk and did receive emails in junk at that time.  I am receiving junk emails now but none from

Regards, Fred J

Fred P Jones

False Alarm!

Groups.IO mail was delayed up to 5 hours for several hours. Other emails (that were being delivered to me) were not delayed.  The delay is now down to about 90 minutes and diminishing.

Fred J


Hi Fred, did you opt as owner/moderator of your group to receive all emails?

I usually deal with pending from my email. Each is titled "Message Approval Needed - email posted to

They are approved by reply & send, just like accepting invitations.



PS: Sometimes I search "Message Approval Needed" to deal with them all at the same time.