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Am 26 Mar 2020 um 19:33 schrieb Nivard Ovington:

And as you hint, 70+ doesn't make everyone senile..
I agree being a golden ager as well.

Of course with some fancy politians in several countries at that age,

a lot of people cannot help thinking so.

By the way, I remember, when I was ..

... 15 years ols, everybody older than 20 years seemed very old to

... 30 years old, everybody older than 50 years seemed to me fit for
old people's home

... 50 years old, everybody older than 70 years seemed to me very
near to death ;-).

Experiences and believes change with the amount of your lifetime ;-).

With a big smile and take care

.. Beate PĆ¼rner
.. mailto:beate@puerner.com

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