How to save yg FILES using PG Offline? #pgoffline


Hi GMF peeps,

We just downloaded the 14-day free trial of PG Offline --

we'd like to use it to export/save the FILES of 2 yahoo groups we run --

Is there a **written** step-by-step how to?  I see the video demo -- however, this laptop is having a problem with audio!  so there is no sound --

We'd like to save the FILES as PDFs.

I'm sorry if this has been covered somewhere, I've not been able to find it searching --

and thank you to all who are helping all of us!!!!  Gesine 


I believe Mark Emmer commented on that.  Just save them out of the program (export) as HTML files, I recall it is 50MB per file and they can be saved in chunks.  Use any HTML editor open them and save them as a PDF file.  I use WordPerfect 8 and yes I know it is old but so am I.  If you save them as PDF , unless you have a PDF editor you won't be able to modify them.  Also when you download them, make sure and make duplicates and only diddle with the duplicates.  In case you crash the one you are working on, you still have the untouched original.


On Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 07:51 PM, Gesine wrote:
Is there a **written** step-by-step how to?
You're more apt to find details of PGO at their web site,  They also have forums where you can read about the product and ask questions.  There are some of us here that use it, but this group is really intended for operational questions and helping folks get their Yahoo groups transferred.

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