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A repost of an article that was sent out earlier this evening. People still haven't seen it.

Hi All,
Sometimes I reflect on my youth, and harken back to that simpler time, that quieter time. You know, seven days ago.
I appreciate all the feedback, and I mean ALL of it. My intention with the pricing change is solely to set up the business for long term success and to help offset the very large increase in my costs over just this past week.
I realize it was a mistake to talk about future changes to the pricing structure without actually, you know, knowing what those changes might (or might not) be. As part of that, it was a mistake to change the definition of a free group right now. I've rolled back that change; new free groups do not have limits on the number of subscribers and subgroups. Hopefully this will address Harm Selling's concern, among others. Also, this means that any groups that wish to move over but cannot afford the transfer fee can still take advantage of a free group's invite feature.
I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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