Welcome Email Error #welcomeemail

Paige Raschke

Some of our new members are receiving Welcome emails that contain incorrect information.  When I first created our group, I accidentally included an extra "r" (TPRreLearningTeachers instead of TPReLearningTeachers).  I fixed that error by renaming the group, but it seems the Welcome letter still has the extra "r".  How would I fix this?


Welcome to the group at, a free, easy-to-use email group service. Please take a moment to review this message.

[excess redundant information trimmed by moderator]



Did you try to edit the Welcome notice in Settings, Member Notices, Welcome (dropdown menu of notices)?

More help: use the search button at the top of the Messages list.

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>


An Owner can edit the message by going to: Admin/Settings/Member Notices and select the "Welcome Notice" entry.

You can edit the Subject line and the actual message. If you make further group name changes or add subgroups this may overwrite your changes, so you should check back again then.