Wiki editing toolbar in Safari #wiki


With Safari browser, the Advanced tool bar is much more limited in Safari than in Firefox. (Safari version 12.0)
I can't set font family, font size, text colour, no preview, background colour when I click on Advanced Toolbar.
Of course, I can use Firefox but the fact that these features don't look like they exist is a problem!

I don't get it on my iphone either - ver 12.0.1

Interestingly, on my husband's iPad, he sees the full set of tools.
And on his desktop, but updated to Mojave. (I have the last version - High Sierra 10.13.6.)
And on El Capitan on our old Apple computer with the default Safari browser.

Anybody with the same experience?
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Probably best to report this to support with as many specifics as you can give.  I know there have been past reports of Safari not working well on the site.  Some of them have been fixed by Mark, but I think it's still contrary in places.

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