Download group messages for offline reserach? #export

Heijo Alting

Dear group managers,

Is it possible to download all messages from an iogroup for offline research purposes or archiving? If it is, could you explain how this works?

Kind regards!


You can now download just about everything. See Settings. Export Group Data.
I just wish that would settle on one term for all the posts or emails. We use both Messages or Archives. It is confusing!



Go to Admin > Settings and select the Export Group Data button at the top.  From there, you can choose which parts you want to download.  The site will create a zip file containing your choices and send you an email with the download link you when it's ready.

GMF's Wiki:
Search button at the top of Messages list
A few site FAQs:

Heijo Alting

Thanks, Frances and Duane! I'll give it a try.