Re: Automatic Unsubscribes?

Patty Sliney

<<And, it sure would be nice if had the ability to "group
email" all auto unsubbed list members, to let them know they were auto
unsubbed due to marking the list's email as Spam, and here's the link
to be reinstated.
How would that differ from the message already sends? That is, if this follow-up message comes from it seems no less likely to land in spam than the first one. Or do I misunderstand you?>>

If we had the ability to send a group email to all unsubbed list members and use our private email address, versus the group email address (Yahoo Groups gave mods that option, to send via the group email address, or your personal email address).  That way, again, the message would have a much better chance of landing in their Inbox folder.  Just a thought.  Would be nice to be able to reach them all at once, and let them know why they were unsubbed, and how to resub.

Patty S.

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