Re: Members Unable to Post to Group

Glenn Glazer

On 7/3/2018 15:45, Leslie Noelani wrote:
I'm googling EOF (which is the other error message) and it either means "end of file" in python script (which doesn't seem to make sense here) or something related to SMTP (is that a smart phone?)
* EOF: End of File, more specifically, a special character placed at the end of a file so that programs know not to read memory beyond that point.  It is not specific to Python and started with the C programming language.
* SMTP: Simple Mail Transport Protocol: the internet protocol used to communicate with mail servers for the purposes of sending and retrieving email.  It is not specific to mobile devices.

I don't know exactly what error message you are reading, but it sounds like someone is sending malformed files, like one with the EOF character inserted inside the header or something.



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