Re: When replying to messages in this group

Glenn Glazer

On 7/3/2018 09:35, magicalkingdomgroups@... wrote:
What is reading online? Is that from the message section of the group?
I am used to reading emails.

Yes, that's what that means.  If you click on the View/Reply link at the bottom of GIO email, it will take you to the message.  Click reply and a editor box appears for you to type your reply in.

I personally find using the web interface clunky, not because of anything about the editor, but rather that I prefer to have all of my email come to one inbox: to have only one place (i.e., my mail user agent, Thunderbird) to check and one place to reply from.  When my new messages in my inbox are cleared, I know they are cleared for all groups and such I belong to.  Responding to group email isn't then any different for me than responding to any other email, or for that matter, email from other lists like Google groups, GNU Mailman listservs and so on.

Others are likely to have different preferences.



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