Re: Create a new role

Michael Pavan

The definition of “Moderate” includes "limited in scope or effect”.

“Moderator" is not inappropriate, as speech (actually message posting) is not the only function that can be moderated. Moderators (in group email Lists) can also control member approvals, file and photo uploading, poll creation, Calendar / Reminder functions, etc.

If the title “Moderator” feels uncomfortable, include your group’s definition of what a Moderator is and can do. This definition could be on your Group Description, New Member Notice, and/or Message Footer, etc.

One can argue that “Controller” might be more accurate title, but the established tradition is “Moderator” and I do not favor creating more ambiguity of terms by changing it.

Since "moderators" isn't appropriate, I would like to create a new role called "Executive Board"...
Why is "moderators" inappropriate?
Moderators is inappropriate because, wait for it, they don't moderate and the even the implication that the speech of our members is moderated is against the culture of the group.

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