Re: Files moved but are empty

Glenn Glazer

On 6/20/2018 07:33, Victoria wrote:

I really don´t understand what you are talking about. In my group the files are our treasure. We have all our research and other scientific information stored in our files in form of pdfs, word and text documents. Every member has access to them. Opening them via word or other text programs they are readable to everyone. They can be printed.

The files feature is the reason why I am not with google groups or any other forum but with Files to me is the most valuable feature of all. And I am thankful to Mark´s that his transfer facility was able to move almost all of them from yahoo to


What Victoria said.  One of my groups is a political committee.  Our files section houses over a decade of agendas, minutes, treasury reports, official correspondence, resolutions, endorsements, chartering documents and so on.  It is very much our institutional memory.



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