Re: Problem with the way sends group messages

Glenn Glazer

On 6/18/2018 12:33, Peter Rupprecht wrote:
Hello, Shal and anyone who knows,

We just transferred in a large group and one of our members has indicated
a concern with receiving group posts.  As he put it:

(Begin quote)

There is a significant difference in how the new host sends out group messages. 
Namely, the new host sends them “ From: “ each individual SBL member rather than
“ From:" 
By consequence, the messages get blocked by the spam filter. 
Whitelisting does not help because the messages are not sent
by  They are sent “ From: “ 1,500 individual accounts.
Before the changeover, the mails were From: <group name@...>
Now, the mails are From: Individual name <persons-email@...>, or whomever.
Anyone with a rigorous filter — which some of us need — is not currently receiving any messages.

(End quote)


I'm not sure how to help.  No one else has yet indicated a problem with this.

Thank you,


I don't know what system he writes his "rigorous" filters in, but my MUA allows for wildcard filters, so it would just be "*" for all 1,500 of them.



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