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Ann H

Is it possible that these members are unaware of the various tab sorts that gmail uses? I've found that problem with some of my clients who use gmail. My list serve emails in gmail end up in the Forums tab.

On 5/27/2018 11:14 PM, Marie Alline wrote:
I have a couple of members in one of my groups who is having trouble receiving emails from the rest of the group. The group was originally set up to return to sender and they changed it to return to group, These two gals are able to send and receive their own emails but are not able to receive any of the other member emails. Would this be a problem from the original setting?

These two also use gmail and I noticed while setting one of my groups up that someone was reporting problems here  on the message boards with gmail and

I'm just trying to get to the bottom of their issues and help them figure out how to handle this. Any input is much appreciated. Thank you! 

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