Re: Automatic Deletion of Members If Message Marked As Spam #poll

Chris Jones

Mark has now provided me with a copy of the updated "message to deleted members" that has been used from 22 March 2018, and I have added it to the draft wiki.

Having read and thought about it, I am still not sure that it is clear enough about one point. I think Marked picked up a point made by Shal in his post, and removed a sentence that was in my original suggestion, that sentence being Please note that this "marking as spam" may have been done by your Email Service Provider and not by you.  Given that I and others have expressed reservations about many members' degree of "IT Awareness" I tend to think that without that sentence the message may well not drive home the fact that what happened was down to the MSP rather than the individual member. 

I would appreciate other members' views on this before submitting a further suggestion.   

I may also add to the "Remediation" section to reinforce the fact that some degree of advance mitigation of this overall problem is down to individual members themselves, and that it cannot be done by Owners and Moderator.

To save hunting for the link to the draft wiki it is here:



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