Re: How Safe (spam proof) is ???

Chris Jones

On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 08:15 pm, Jim Betz wrote:
I was really hoping that there
was some kind of Required introduction capability that occurs
during the request for membership process - in order to weed out
the spammers as early as possible.  In this particular case that
would be easy ... because it would be difficult for any spammer
to fake his interest in the topic this group is about.
Surely the use of "Pending Subscription" messages deals with this. A Group I moderate has this set up and it seems to work. (FWIW we used to do this "manually" which was a real chore - Pending Subscription has dispensed with the work.)

Quite a few applications arrive with no follow - up to the Pending Subscription request. We either wait until they time out and vanish of their own accord or delete them ourselves. Curiously, when we get applications that are followed up by a response, that response usually turns up within 24 or 48 hours; any longer and the likelihood of a response turning up drops to almost zero. Sometimes we repeat the Pending Subscription message but still get no response. Were they spammers? I have no idea.

Our group (just over 2900) has most members fully moderated; only a trusted few beome free to post without moderation delays. Any attempt at spamming would be spotted pretty quickly, followed equally quickly by the ruthless application of the ban hammer.


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