Re: Automatic Deletion of Members If Message Marked As Spam #poll

Chris Jones

On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 03:00 pm, Robert Schechter wrote:
This would NOT work for our group(s) and would force us to leave GIO!
Perhaps you could take the trouble to explain why, exactly.

This entire discussion is becoming uncomfortably polarised, and at the moment I can see no way out of the impasse. The number of responses to the poll is disappointingly small (0.021% of this Forum Membership) and would thus not really be any solid basis on which to make a formal #Suggestion, even if the majority of the tiny percentage is (at the time of writing) in favour of the suggested change.

OK; perhaps we leave things exactly as they are, but I suspect that the matter will crop again in another thread within weeks rather than months.

I am certain of a few points, though: relying on Owner & Moderators to try talk individual members tholugh sorting things on on a per occasion basis is unlikely to work*; simply re- enrolling either by members or Os & Ms without other remedial measures may look like a solution but it probably isn't - it's simply kicking the can down the road; much as we might wish or ask them to, members don't necessarily read any guidance published in wikis; not all members are sufficiently IT - savvy to either find a solution for themselves;  guidance offered - however well intentioned - might be incorrect because that guidance might need to be MSP specific particularly in the case of the less confident IT users.

* Partially a function of how many members a group has; we have >2900.

I would not want a "majority" to completely ignore the views of a "minority" in a matter like this; that said I am very uncomfortable with a minority trying to take the majority hostage by threatening to stomp off if things are made "different". At the moment Jeremy Harrison's amendment to my suggestion looks promising (assuming that it is technically practicable) but it doesn't seem to have attracted any clear support in the comments that followed.



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