Re: Automatic Deletion of Members If Message Marked As Spam #poll

Chris Jones

On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 01:37 pm, Jeremy Harrison wrote:
Given the unsophistication of many members (which means that they have no idea of spam filters, let alone what to about them), and the difficulties of understanding what anyone thinks is going on (are e-mails sent to spam 'accidental' or 'deliberate' (and if so to what end)?), anything intended to cause group members to take any particular action is unlikely to succeed, certainly beyond a simple click (and frequently even that).
I think we should also consider that many Owners and Moderators might fall into the "unsophisticated" description as well. I would never try to pass myself off as any sort of "IT specialist". Even if we are a sort of "first line of defence" there are going to be limits to what we can do to advise bewildered members. Thank goodness for this forum!

There is the question of what to do about groups where 'no mail' is not allowed - either it should be forced (overriding group owner's setting) or (in this case only) that they should be unsubscribed.
I didn't suggest that earlier because I didn't want to make any reconfiguration of how operates bigger than it needed to be; for all I know it might be an easy option to implement - OTOH it might be a real headache. (See my comment above about not being an IT specialist!) The big plus about your suggestion is that it would satisfy both camps.

FWIW I would support the draft wording of your "you have been set to no mail" message.



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