Automatic Deletion of Members If Message Marked As Spam #poll

Chris Jones

At present if a Member or their Mail Service Provider marks a message as “spam” then it is quite possible for that member to be summarily deleted from the Group that sent out the message. This is dependant on whether (or not) operates a Feedback Loop with the MSP in question.


A different option might be to change the member’s mail delivery to “no mail” so that their access to messages can only be achieved via the web page of the Group in question. This action would be accompanied by a warning email sent out by in much the same way as one is now advising the person of their membership being deleted. If nothing else it would mean that members would not find themselves completely cut adrift from a Group. Thedre would be nothing to prevent the member in question reselecting their email delivery option.


It is not known at this time how easily this change could be implemented by

Depending on the outcome of this poll a #Suggestion will be placed on the beta group.


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