Re: Can someone explain to me... unsubscribed for marking a message as spam

Chris Jones

In response to Bruce & Paul...

I can see your point about "Special Notices". However, it has been our (as in our Group) experience that it has been sending out a special notice that has caused the problem! It is suspected that the members concerned may have been set to "special notices only", so normal traffic didn't get sent to them. Then along comes a special message and the MSP immediately says "spam!" and deletes them.

In your specific cases what would happen if your "special notice" sent out as a rescue mission was itself marked as spam? Would the MSP finish up getting annoyed because 2 spams had been found and the feedback loop had seemed to have done nothing?

With setting to "no email" then you can still email the individual concerned by sending them a direct one. Also can you send an email to one specific member as a Special Notice? I don't know but I suspect perhaps not; you would finish up sending it to everyone on Special Notices.

At the time I am typing this I am awaiting a poll I set up being passed by GMF Management; if I can do an edit to it after it is released then I can add another question, but I honestly think relying on special notices may cause more problems than it solves. Don't forget that if a member is set to "no mail" while they are still a member you as an owner or moderator can set it back to something else yourself; if they have been dismembered you can't. There are other ways of contacting them than by using a special notice.

And I use the term "dismember" because it is so obviously the wrong word. :)



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