Re: Can someone explain to me... unsubscribed for marking a message as spam

Chris Jones

On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 10:24 am, Paul Ohio USA wrote:
I don't remember if any of my group members who use btinternet have "Spammed Out."
And neither do I, unfortunately. Being a UK based group there are quite a few of them (us actually; I use btinternet as well) Although automatic dismemberment is not an everyday occurrence I will keep a watch out for any. My BT mail did migrate to another supplier so with an uncertain proportion of subscribers on each of the providers getting anything statistically meaningful is not going to be easy.

Much earlier in this thread I (and I think another) floated the idea of any membership cancellations because of spam reporting being replaced by  a forced change to "no emails / web only" access. One member here raised the point that his group did not allow "no emails", which might well be a valid objection. However, having thought about it a bit more, surely an enforced use of "web only" simply has to be better than being unceremoniously removed from membership completely.

Would there be a concensus in favour of this? If one emerges then I will place it as a suggestion on beta.



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