Re: Can someone explain to me... unsubscribed for marking a message as spam


Barb B,

I have to admit this thread has totally confused me. But I did want
to ask one really stupid question - why does care if the
messages from here are going to someone's spam folder?
It is not a stupid question. In fact it is one that Mark has struggled with.

Why not just leave it, is there some negative effect to of
having messages go into someone's spam folder?
That's exactly right. The reason is a concern that if were to continue sending messages to that address then the email service provider might "punish" by (more frequently) relegating other members' messages to their spam boxes.

The key thing to remember is that this only happens because the member's email service provider went to the trouble to specifically notify that the message(s) had been marked as spam. Other email services (such as Gmail) don't notify senders of such markings, so their users never get unsubscribed this way.


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