Re: Can someone explain to me... unsubscribed for marking a message as spam

Chris Jones

On Sun, Mar 18, 2018 at 07:55 am, Duane wrote:
Obviously I can't be sure of Mark's thinking on this, but suspect that it shows as coming from the group to add a bit of authenticity, as well as someone to contact for assistance. 
I see the point you are making here, but would state that with the Help pages not providing any information about this "feature" a Group Owner & Moderators are not well placed to provide assistance without a great deal of delving along the lines I am pursuing, which would turn out to be a variant of reinventing the wheel.

It's the actual Email Service Provider where they are being marked as spam, either by a filter or a user.  Many folks, including me, have an Internet Service Provider that is different from our ESP.  Because of that, I'd reword that part of the message as:

"Because your Email Service Provider reported to us that one or more messages from [GroupName] has been marked as spam you have been automatically removed from the group.  Please note that this "marking as spam" may have been done by your Email Service Provider and not by you. We suggest that you check your spam box as soon as possible to see if your Email Service Provider has diverted legitimate messages into it."
I agree fully with you on this point; I got halfway there by deliberately not saying "Internet Service Provider" but your suggestion of inserting "Email" makes perfect sense. It might be prudent to also insert (which might not be the same as your ISP) at a suitable location as well.
Joining the beta group and posting this as a suggestion would get it in front of Mark where he would be more apt to change the wording of the message.
OK you've convinced me. I'll do that and see what happens, not least because I don't want to try and prepare a "Help Note" which has to be changed soon thereafter because the notifications have been altered. (And yes; I have started!)



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