Re: Can someone explain to me... unsubscribed for marking a message as spam

Chris Jones

I am a Moderator for the wireless-set-no19 Group, (as well as a member of other Groups) and we have been plagued by this problem since migrating from Yahoo just over 3 months ago. I have just signed up to this Forum after finding comments like There have been, like, hundreds of conversations about this here and There are several threads here recently about this very thing.

It is thus a common and (I assume) annoying problem, so is there any likelihood of anything about it turning up in the "Help" section? There is nothing to prewarn members or Moderators at all, and it was only following a surprise "dismemberment" from a long - standing and reliable member that we have been able to try to work out what has been going on. It has also revealed why some members thus affected have rejoined without any action on our part; Owners and Moderators have no clue about what processes are in place without delving into this Forum, and it is only by luck that a suitable thread was on the front page. How many threads are Mods expected to search in the hope of finding a relevant one? Even the warning notice to Mods that someone has left is misleading, reading "because they marked a message as spam" when in fact the member concerned had done nothing at all; the message has been marked as spam somewhere along the route and the person concerned had no knowledge of it. 

In today's instance the person concerned did not know that a message had been spam - boxed by his ISP until I contacted him, and had up to that point had avoided the "do you want to rejoin" link because of a deep distrust of uninvited links, which is entirely reasonable. 

If the "auto - deletion" policy is to remain in place can there at least be some help in the "help" section? If threads are common on this Forum then it ought to be obvious that it is a recurrent problem.  

And yes I apologise if this reads like a bit of a rant, but the above has been a cause for concern right from the outset.


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