Re: Continuity of IO

David P. Dillard <jwne@...>

There is no discussion group network that has a guaranteed safety program for continued existence as far as I know. The Listserv at Temple for 2009 and 2010 for all lists on that server were permanently lost when an employee reading an outdated manual unilaterly deleted two years of posts on all lists to make room for new content and this was not needed. I do not think one will find permanent archives a real promise anywhere. I would like to be wrong about this, but doubt that I am. Even Google that has claimed to be the world's library has destroyed its Blog database, its Uncle Sam government database, destroyed Google News Archive that is a ghost of its former self and destroyed Google News at well which is current days news only at this point.

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On Sat, 3 Mar 2018, Don wrote:

" This is an important one to me, but I am very hesitant to bring it over and delete the Yahoo group because there never has been any answer to this one member's question of whether there are any contingency plans to keep IO going."

Have you ever got an answer to that same question from Yahoo?


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