Re: Transfer Group from Yahoo

Group Moderator <groupmoderator3@...>

Really the notice goes to everyone regardless of email setting? That's great! We are discussing what to do with the many "no email" members we have. Also I saw that many of them end up bouncing, another good way to "clean house". 
This is a YG question - but is there a way to set up an auto reply ("We have moved, come visit us at...") so we don't have to keep checking the YG page and sending back this response to those who continue to post to YG? (based on past changes, this will be a big issue for us unfortunately). We of course will be sending out messages about the move, before and after, but seems many people don't read... We don't really want to disallow posting, at least for awhile. We have many older members to whom the group is an important way to feel connected to our community, but they seem to struggle with details.

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