Re: Change/customize automatic calendar hashtag #calendar #hashtags


Some hashtags are defined by the system (and can't be changed as far as I know, though some can be 'tweaked' a bit.)  When you check the "Send Invite To Group" box for an Event (default is checked), the message will be sent with the cal-invite hashtag.  If you set up reminders for the Event, they'll be posted with the cal-reminder hashtag.  If you choose the "Send Notice To Group When Event Happens" box, it will be sent with the cal-notice hashtag.

On the group Settings page, in the Privacy section, there's a drop down box for "Hide Email Addresses In Archives".  The choices are "Mask all email addresses in the web archives." (default, I think) or "Do not mask email addresses in the archives."  I chose not to hide them when this was changed a few weeks ago, but they still weren't showing up.  I just did a test and it seems to work properly now, but I didn't test thoroughly.

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