Re: Q: posts during the transfer/welcome message/size to save attachments?



1) I haven't seen any discussion of this, so perhaps it's not an
issue, but I was wondering: What happens to the posts on our YG group
while waiting for the transfer and/or while the transfer is happening?
Some of those messages will post before the copy reaches that point in the Y!Group's conversations; those will get copied. Those that post after won't.

Is there a way to add on the messages after, if some do get left out?
Not automatically. I believe you'd have to post them to the group manually.

2) As an aside, does the "welcome to" message go out to the
group immediately once the transfer is done or do we mods get some
advance notice - so we can alert the membership? (Of course we will be
letting them know beforehand, but people seem to have short memories).
Nothing happens at the point where you click the "Go" button (or previously, sent the Go message). When the copy completes (which currently may be several days later) the system optionally sends two emails:

1) "You have been added to GroupEmailAddresss". This message is sent if you don't uncheck the "Send a message to your members when the transfer is complete" box on the transfer form.

2) The active Welcome notice from your group's Member Notices page. Before clicking Go I made a second Welcome notice, tailored specifically for the members who would be copied in, and made that one Active. Afterwards I made the normal Welcome notice active once more.

3) Attachments are not so important on our group although we'd like to
keep them in the archives. What is a good size setting to use? The
smallest (150x150)? Will that be readable?
Those sizes are for photos, not documents. So "readable" will depend on what the content of those photos is. That small is fine for a person's head shot, but probably wouldn't be adequate to show fine detail in a scene or a project.

Also what setting option in Default Sub Settings > Max attachment size
to use?
You know your membership best, but I'd use "Unlimited" because most of my members would likely be using desktop computers with a decent internet connection. If most of your members are likely to be using metered or limited connectivity you might want to set it small or even zero.

As well, will this impact just how the message is saved in the
archives, or also how it goes out to the group?
The Max Attachment Size under Default Sub Settings is a default for individual members. It has no impact on the Messages archive or the group as a whole.

The Max Size in Email in the Photos section of the group's Settings page affects both how the photos are stored and how they are distributed out to the group in email.


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