Re: Subgroup calendars do not seem to appear on Web site, but _do_ appear on calendar subscripton (ICS file) #calendar



The 'main' calendar (above all the subgroups) doesn't show events in
the subgroups when I view it on the Web site ... Am I missing a
feature or a setting, or is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong,
or ...?
I think it is a feature that doesn't exist.

It would have to be a setting, as some subgroups would undoubtedly want private calendars that aren't shown to the primary group. Maybe in the Features section of the subgroup's Settings, a new checkbox for "Show this subgroup's events on the primary group's calendar".

Would anyone want the opposite: "Show the primary group's events on this subgroup's calendar"?

Either way, the official suggestion box for is the beta group, I recommend you post this suggestion there:


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