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Here is some tentative documentation I've written about muting and following. It hasn't been reviewed by anyone yet and there are several open questions I still have about it, but this should do for now.



You have the option to mute, or conversely, specifically follow, individual topics and hashtags.


Muting topics and hashtags


You can choose not to receive emails from a specific topic, or with a certain hashtag, by clicking on the “Mute This Topic” or the “Mute [#hashtag-name]” link at the bottom of any email in the topic or with the hashtag. (Note: some hashtags in a group may be coded by moderators to be unmutable.) Muting a topic or hashtag ensures that you will not receive any more of the emails from that topic or hashtag. If your Email Delivery method is Daily Summary, Plain Digest, or Full Featured Digest, your summary or digest will filter out those messages and not contain them.


When muting a hashtag, you are given the opportunity to pick which group you’re muting it in (in case the hashtag exists in more than one of your groupsYou will also be able to specify a duration for the muting, for example, “Forever,” “One Hour,” etc.


You can see all the topics and hashtags you have muted by going to the home page and clicking on “Muted” under either “Topics” or “Hashtags,” respectively. You can also mute a new hashtag by going to the list of muted hashtags (“Muted” under “Hashtags”) and clicking on “+Mute a New Hashtag.”


“Unmuting” a topic or hashtag


To “unmute” a topic or hashtag you have muted, go the home page, click on “Muted” on under either “Topics” or “Hashtags,” respectively, to bring a list of the ones you have muted, click on the topic or hashtag you want to unmute, and click on “Unmute This Topic” or “Unmute This Hashtag,” respectively.


Following topics and hashtags


Instead of excluding topics and hashtags by muting them, you can start from the ground up, picking out exclusively the ones you want to receive by “following” them.


To set up your subscription for following topics or hashtags, click on “Advanced Preferences” from your Subscription page, and under “Message Selection,” select “Following Only.” You can also click on “First Message Also,” which will ensure that in addition to messages in topics you specifically follow, you also receive the first message in any new topic. A second option, “Auto Follow Replies,” will add to your “Followed” list any topic you start or reply to.


After you’ve set up your delivery to “Following Only,” you can pick the topics and/or hashtags you want to follow. The methods for following topics and following hashtags are slightly different from each other:


Following a topic


To follow a topic, go to the home page Under “Topics,” click on “All” to bring up a list of all the topics in the totality of your groups. To follow a topic, click on it, and then on “Follow This Topic.”


Following a hashtag


To follow a hashtag, go to the home page Under “Hashtags,” click on “Muted,” and then on “+Follow a New Hashtag.” Enter the name of the hashtag (be sure to include the # sign), the group name in which you want to follow it, and the duration (“forever,” “one hour,” etc.).

You can see all the topics and hashtags you have followed by going to the home page and clicking on “Followed” under “Topics” or “Hashtags,” respectively.



Unfollowing topics and hashtags you have followed


There are two ways to unfollow a topic or a hashtag you have followed. You can click on “Unfollow This Topic” or “Unfollow [#hashtag=name]” at the bottom of any email in the topic or with the hashtag, respectively. Or, you can go to the home page, find the topic or hashtag in your “Followed” list, click on it, and then click on “Unfollow This Topic” or “Unfollow This Hashtag.”








On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 6:53 AM, Sharon Villines <sharon@...> wrote:
On Feb 11, 2018, at 8:47 AM, Marina <moderatore@...> wrote:
> Under Subscription>Membership>Advanced Preferences I found a
> Following Only option
> "Only the messages in threads or hashtags you have chosen to follow are emailed to you, according to your Email Delivery Selection."
> "Chosen to follow" means "that you have chosen not to mute”?

I was confused by this too. Where does a member choose to follow?

People will interpret it as having set an option somewhere and wonder if they are getting all the messages.


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