Re: Owner dead, only moderators left #groupowner


Some YG moderators can add another moderator (not all YG moderators have this authority).

Barring that, you can down load the list of members e-mail addresses. lets you invite new members a 100 at a time. I considered that option for 1800 members but then the transfer went through.  PG Offline may be able to let a moderator back up the databases, it seems more for list owners; I asked if moderators could download but didn't get a reply.  My backup plan was to have a couple of fellow members back up the files and photos sections to upload to

The big concern for some is the archived messages.  Some lists purge messages after a few weeks.  Do you need the messages archive?


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[mod note: I don't believe invites are limited in number, but over a certain number (20?) the invites will be temporarily held pending for review by]


From: Ruth <czechses@...>
Sent: Thursday, February 8, 2018 10:34 AM
Subject: [GMF] Owner dead, only moderators left #groupowner

Over ten years ago, the owner of our group died unexpectedly.  He left no information about accessing his account.  I am one of two moderators who serve as owners but don't have the title.  We would like to transfer our group to GroupsIO but doubt we have the authority.  Any suggestions before we begin this new journey?

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