Re: How to Delete Subgroups? #subgroup #groupdeletion


On Mon, Jan 3, 2022 at 01:40 PM, ForestWind Siberian Cats wrote:
We are in middle of group transfer and need to delete old subgroups. There doesn't seem to be the "delete" button mentioned in the wiki. 

Is there a straightforward  step x step set of directions anywhere on deleting subgroups? 
No specific instructions in Help:

Go to your main group and go to Subgroups.
Or go to your subgroup through Your Groups.
Open the subgroup.
Go to Admin, Settings.
Scroll down and click on the red Delete Group button.

First, though, check out the important advice about deleting groups in Help - about renaming a group (or subgroup) something nonsense in case you want to reuse the current name at some time. Otherwise the group or subgroup name is locked.


Help available from help and GMF wiki.


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