Clarification on hashtags and message subjects #hashtaghelp #hashtagusage


I'm curious -and apparently somewhat confused- about hashtag usage.  Take this message for example.

If I reply to it (email or online), the subject gets prepopulated with Re: Help/insights on hashtags on message subjects #hashtaghelp #hashtagusage

Fine, I go ahead and send my reply.  I get an email with that subject in my email, complete with both hashtags.

Say I reply again, only this time I remove one of the hashtags, let's say #hashtaghelp, I now get the email without it, i.e. Re: Help/insights on hashtags on message subjects #hashtagusage
If I reply to this one, it doesn't include both hashtags as the original topic does.  I can then if I wanted remove the other hashtag, so I now receive the message with only Re: Help/insights on hashtags on message subjects

OK, I then go online in hashtags (or in Messages, in either Topics or Message view) and click either one of these hashtags.  I get the same results when I click either of these two hashtags, with all messages displaying both hashtags next to the subject, when in reality, each message may or may not have both, or neither.  I was under the impression that one would get only the messages in the results list which are containing the hashtag one selected.

Is this a case of hashtags being topic-level based, regardless of whether they were used in each message within, or what?  And if topic-level, why wouldn't they then be automatically-included in the GIO-outgoing message's subject if one removed one or both/all? 

Apparently I must be missing something or not quite getting something about hashtags, or the way they are used here, or maybe I'm over-thinking things, I don't know, so any clarification would be appreciated.


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