Re: Members are not receiving individual replies



In beta you wrote:
Is anyone else experiencing this same problem? Any solutions?

In my opinion, beta is not a good place for this type of discussion, hence my reply to you via GMF (with CC to you directly). Beta should be reserved for things that require Mark's attention; which this may not depending on what we find out.

If we're able to establish that there is a problem, and identify the details necessary to reproduce it, then it can be presented in beta as a #bug with some confidence.

We've noticed a recent uptick in our membership not being able to
reply individually. Our members are reporting that they send
individual replies via, but hear no response. We've
tested this ourselves with one of our members-- we had him reply
individually to one of our posts, and we never received his reply,
even after looking through our spam (we use gmail, while our members
use a variety of email servers.)
I'm reading between the lines here, but are you saying:

1) your group's Reply To option is set to "Group",
2) sometimes your members choose to read via the group's web site,
3) sometimes they click Reply under a message,
4) sometimes they click the Private button under the message box,
5) and then they press the "Reply to Sender".

That was my step-by-step attempt to recreate your problem, and the person who posted the original message received my individual reply within seconds. Both I and the other person have gmail addresses.

If I've not recreated your test correctly, please reply to this message in GMF with addition detail about the failure scenario.


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