Spurious activity log entry generated when approving a new member using "Approve Pending Sub" button


Hi Folks,

I'm almost positive this is a bug but wanted to see if others are getting it too before I post it on beta.

All of a sudden, or at least since Jun 14 when it was the last time I approved a new member in one of our groups (after editing their DisplayName), there is an additional spurious/non-applicable log entry generated, see the attached.  These are not moderators, just plain new members.  Furthermore, it seems it only happens when the new member is accepted using the subscription page's "Approve Pending Sub" button (even if nothing is changed in there, like DisplayName for example), but not when either they are accepted from the pending list screen's button dropdown, or even when going into the subscription page but clicking cancel and then accepting from the pending list button dropdown, then, so apparently the clicking of "Approve Pending Sub" button in the subscription page is the culprit.

Are you also getting this in your log? (under the same circumstances)


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