Formatting a wiki table #wiki

Lynn McLaughlin

I'm new at this - helping to bring some pages from to, and I'm doing great except the tables look awful. I've read that they strip out a lot of in-line styles, and that is definitely biting me. By changing <table> to <table class="table-bordered">, which I found in the formatted css file someone kindly uploaded here, I was able to at least get grid lines, but that's all. This is how it looks in

Here is how it looks in

The second has darker grid lines, padded data, which is centered in the header row, and color on some of the rows. I'm not a css expert at all, so I'm hoping someone can more quickly tell me some things I can do to improve my table's look - or tell me to stop wasting my time, because this is definitely as good as it can get. Though I'm new to and css, I have decades of software development experience which leads me to gnaw and gnaw on a problem like this, without knowing when to give up. If I'm at the end of the capabilities, then so be it.

Thanks, Lynn

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