Re: #calendar #calendar

Andy Wedge

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 04:57 AM, Aliza Burton wrote:
How can I get rid of the "happening now" in the subject line?  It takes up the whole subject line now and you can't see what the event actually is. 
As has been said, it's a new feature (I don't know the reasoning behind it) so you cannot stop it being generated. What you can do though is moderate the #cal-notice hashtag and edit it out before releasing it to your group.  We have had similar situation in 2019 (with #cal-reminder messages being prefixed with 'Upcoming event') and following comments on Beta this was removed altogether.  A suggestion at the time was to use a prefix of just 'Now' for #cal-notice messages so I think the current situation is worth another message on Beta with a reference back to this.


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