Cannot Open Member Records Beyond First 60 Members

Mike Patterson

I’m the creator and an owner of a few small free groups supporting a non-profit organization. The largest group has a little over 350 members and was created in June of 2009. Only one other of these groups has more than 60 members, and was created in October, 2019.

I’ve found that, for both of these groups, I’m able to open an individual member’s record page by clicking in their row in the members list only if they are within the first 60 members listed. I can re-sort the list by any column, forward or reverse sort order; and the member record will open for the first 60 members listed only. Clicking on the 61st listing or beyond does nothing.

I’ve tried it in three different browsers (Firefox, Edge, Brave) with the same result. I could find nothing to help me in my searches of the Owner’s manual or in this forum’s messages and wiki

Because it happens in more than one group, I assume it has something to do with my account settings rather than a group’s setting. Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this?



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