Re: Auto-Send Regularly Scheduled Member Notices



Is it possible to auto-send a message to a group at regularly
scheduled times? I have a notice that needs to be sent every two
Currently the only Member Notice that can be scheduled is the Group Guidelines. But there can only be one such notice, and its only schedule is monthly.

How can this be accomplished?
As Jack said, a calendar Event can be used for this purpose. When creating the event, make it:

o All Day
o Event Repeats
o Repeats: Weekly
o Repeat Every: 2 weeks
o No reminders set
o Send Notice To Group When Event Happens

There will be some boilerplate surrounding the Description text, and a system-generated hashtag in the Subject line, so it won't be exactly like an ordinary message, but the above settings will minimize the extra text.

GMF's monthly subscription reminder is set up this way, it was created before the Group Guidelines notification existed, and before the "Send Notice To Group When Event Happens" option existed, and I haven't bothered to change it. You can find the January 1st reminder in GMF's Messages section, or wait a couple days...


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