Re: An area for documents without comments?

Pat Pratt

Lorraine, I had to clean up photos from a 14 year old collectors study and social group that was migrated over from Yahoo. The photo storage space used was close to 3 GB. First I went through and organized the albums by categories, and assigned a letter to different categories. Then I found it worked best for me to start from the back and work my way forward, by categories of content. It took me about three months working several hours a day and I got it down to .67 GB. When done, we were able to transfer to a free group and have some space for current members to set up albums and insert photos. As I worked through this, I set up holding albums of photos that would be deleted, and reminded members to go through the holding albums and download photos that were important to them but no longer of relevance to the group in 2020. I also moved photos from one album to another to strengthen categories and got rid of a ton of duplicates and triplicates etc. I worked on a laptop. I think this would be miserable to try to do on a phone of tablet. Also, I gave everyone two months time to go in and debride their personal albums down to 30 photos. If they didn't do that, I made the cuts for them. With plenty of warning and explanation of course. 
Best wishes! You will be very happy when you are done!!!!!

Pat P

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