Re: JSON Error (was: Can users delete their pending message?)

Glenn Glazer

It would be helpful in analyzing the error to see the actual JSON.



On 02/14/2021 13:50, Christos G. Psarras wrote:

Maybe it is ISP (Spectrum) or geography-related (Tampa), like when a few weeks ago when Mark added the small delay to S3 after attaching a file, beta topic; that instance, not everyone was experiencing the problem, some did (like the OP) but with a small file, others (like me) could only replicate it with a larger size file but it worked OK for small sizes.

That could possibly explain the intermittency.


On 2021-02-14 15:08, Bruce Bowman via wrote:
On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 03:02 PM, Christos G. Psarras wrote:
I take it your tried it specifically with Chris's message, not others, because (this is getting even weirder), I quoted-replied yours and without clicking on the message textbox, I clicked on AddPictures, and it worked fine. 
I occasionally get a JSON error trying to embed images, too. The problem is intermittent and I've yet to discern a pattern.


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