#settings #question Is there ANY way to overcome a settings error? #question #settings


Okay, so I apparently goofed while setting up the Group. It was so easy to do, and didn't really take much effort, I overlooked a small detail - actually, I never looked at it at all.

Step 8, in Creating a Group includes:
  1. In the Visibility dropdown list, select the option you want to use for your group and its messages (see the table below). This option controls whether your group and its message archive are visible to the general public or only to group members.

! Important: When you make a message archive private, you cannot change it later to be publicly viewable. The “private messages” setting is not reversible. Therefore, at this stage, you should be certain about what visibility you want your message archive to have.

That's pretty clear - if you read it and understand the impact of this. I cannot set the Privacy Permissions now to allow the Member Profiles to be viewed. Who would have known.

How do I get around this? Is it possible to change this? Is it possible to Delete the Group (freeing the name up) and re-create the Group?

I cannot toggle "Members" in the 'Member List Visibility' pulldown.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

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