Re: Changed owner emails and subscriptions did not transfer over - Group has no owner as of now #owner #email

Bruce Bowman

On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 05:58 PM, Pat Salinas wrote:
I have created a Group successfully and added members!  However, I should not have used my personal email account.  Subsequent to that, I went through the process successfully of changing my account to a new email address.
Pat -- Changing your email address should not have caused you to lose group ownership. Are you sure you didn't merge it with another email address instead?

Or perhaps you are simply logged in under the wrong email address (one that does not own the group)? See for details.

Unless you have anything else, I am going to have to delete the entire group.  
You won't be able to delete the group if you cannot log in with Owner credentials.


Check out the Help Center and Owners Manual

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