Re: Web-only #email #access

Sandi D. <sandi.asgtechie@...>

I am wrapping my head around this one. I too, don't see anyway to force a web only reply. 

Even if it were possible, members could email new posts to the group by inserting your group's email address in the "TO" field. You would end up with new posts as replys to already posted topics.

I do know of a service that does require members to log in to post. It's called Group Works.

They work closely with hobby clubs that need to keep all content "closed and private". 

Members receive an email digest of the topics posted but they receive no content. They are forced to log into the website in order to read the post and reply. 
It offers a forum, calendar and direct add and removal of members. There's a file area for newsletters and other content. Support is outstanding. They are good at hand holding every step of the way. 

Sandi Dickenson

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