Re: #rsvp #calendar #calendar #rsvp

Charlie Behnken

Well  an interesting question.  Yesterday, when I submitted this,  I was using an iPhone SE (1st Gen), but later in the day I upgraded to an iPhone 12 mini. 

So today with the iPhone 12.  if I hold the phone in portrait mode (vertically), I don't see a way to get to the second page.  I also don't see the bottom line of the page - About, Features, Pricing, etc.    But if I turn the phone to landscape mode, I do have the link to the second page, plus the About, Features, Pricing line.

However I turned on my iPhone SE and it doesn't matter which way I orient the screen.  The link and the bottom line are not visible. I am assuming that the member first reporting the problem has an older model.

To test further, I logged in on my wife's iPhone 8, and again the link is not visible no matter which way I orient the phone.   

So there is some issue with 'older' iPhones.


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