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On Fri, Dec 4, 2020 at 10:23 AM, Charlie Behnken wrote:
Before I say this is a bug, I want to make sure I didn't miss something.   One of my members reported this to me, and I am seeing the same thing.

I have an event with 24 members who have RSVP'd.   When I look at this event, on my desktop, 20 members responses show-up on the first page and 4 on the second page.  However when I look at the responses on a phone there are 20 responses but no link or indication that there is even a second page with additional responses.   

How do I get to the second (and subsequent) page on a phone?
This often matters so I will ask! What phone? What operating system?

GMF wiki for help. Search box at the top of each page.

Check out the new Help Center  Use your browser to search or download the PDF.

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