Re: Non-member spam-bombing of our group #howto #spam-bombing

Nivard Ovington

Don't allow non members to post ?

Nivard Ovington in Cornwall (UK)

On 19/11/2020 19:34, Epicatt2 wrote:
Hello All,
Is this happening to anyone else right now?: On Nov 16th we started having attempts to post by non-members which were/are spam messages. There have been only three sender addresses involved and two of those are continously and repeatedly bombing our group with two separate messages which are obviously spam.
Fortunately these attempts are all bouncing since our group requires approval of messages but the Activites Log is now showing dozens of attempts from these two spammers over the last three days. It's mostly just two spammers and their two (respective) messages, all the same two. There was also a third spammer early on in this sequence with its own specific message but it stopped after half a dozen tries.
Anyone have an idea for how to block these spam posts? We are a Premium Group but I find no tool for dealing with this. Is this something to maybe post over on BETA?
TIA & Fingers X-ed!
Paul M.

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