Re: Changing Owner to Administrator

Chris Jones

On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 09:32 PM, TeresaQ wrote:
I would prefer to make all members "owners". 
You might prefer it, but please don't. If you had a disagreement with another member, their being another owner would allow them to demote you, or remove you from being a member, or put you on the Banned list. Even making everyone (else) Moderators is not without serious risk if clashes are a possibility, depending on what specific permissions you gave them. Would you really want a disaffected member / moderator going and tinkering with Settings (for example) as an act of possibly petty spite?

Configuring things so that anarchy could break out seems to be asking for trouble. Much better IMHO to set things so that potential trouble makers have limited opportunities to make trouble in the first place, and then try to maintain as low a profile as you can.


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