Re: Changing Owner to Administrator

Chris Jones

On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 05:00 PM, Frances wrote:
Just a thought - the "owner" can change their display name to Administrator. And "moderators" can change to whatever is appropriate for their role in the group.
They can, but IMHO that might make the perception worse not better. As things stand owners & moderators have whatever their Display Name set to displayed (obviously!) and they are not assigned Owner or Moderator by default.

Without setting up second accounts / memberships every post they made would be as Owners. Moderators, (or Administrator) even when that was wholly irrelevant to the purpose of the post. That (IMHO) would look unnecessarily heavyweight and would be better avoided.

Just looking here at GMF; it is extremely common for an owner or moderator to post as a genuine contribution to whatever the post might be. In doing so their "personal" Display Names appear; it might look very different if these run - of - the - mill posts appeared as having come from an owner or moderator. I suggest that that would simply be wrong.

IME "group management" posts are very rare beasts, and are usually for information about the operation of a group. Where "firm" action is required that takes place outside of the wider view of group members, which (again IMHO) is where it belongs.

I may be a lone voice but I think emphasising status within a group for purely routine matters is inappropriate; having anything other than a personal identifier as a Display Name would be a status symbol that might discourage others from participating.


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